Circular No. 001 Code of Conduct of Registered Person
Circular No. 002 *Updated* Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Circular No. 003 Submission of Sewerage and Sanitary Plumbing Works
Circular No. 004 Supervision of Construction Works
Circular No. 005 Advertising by Registered Engineers
Circular No. 006 Engineer's Responsibility for Subsurface Investigation
Circular No. 007 PEPC Endorsement on Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC) and Form Gs
Circular No. 008 *Updated*

Procedure for a Registered Engineer or an Engineering Consultancy Practice Taking Over the Work of Another Registered Engineer or an Engineering Consultancy Practice

Circular No. 009

Submission of Building Plans by Professional Engineers with Practising Certificate and Architects

Circular No. 010 Circular for Checking/Reviewing The Work of Another Engineer Checking/Reviewing The Work of Another Engineer - Table A
Circular No. 011 *NEW* Scope of Works, Roles, and Responsibilities for Accredited Checker
Circular No. 012 *NEW* Exemption of Business Premise License for Engineering Consultancy Practice
Circular No. 013 *NEW*

New Requirements For The Endorsement Of Form G’s Under By-Law 25 And 27 Of The Uniform Building By-Laws By Designated Persons For Issuance Of Certificate Of Completion And Compliance (Ccc)

Circular No. 5/2005 General Advice On Giving Of Second Opinion
Circular No. 1/2009 Payment of Stamp Duty
BEM/PPC/05-49 Submission of Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan (ESCP) For Earthworks Plan Submission
BEM/PPC/05-51 bil (04) Registration of Data Users Gazetted Under P.U.A. 336 Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (Act 709)
BEM/SOF/01-1 Jld.1 *NEW* Professional Fee Bidding
BEM/SOF/01-1 Jld.1 (a) *NEW* Scale of Fees By Engineering Consultancy Practice


Guideline No. 001 The Role and Responsibility of Professional Engineers for Temporary Works During Construction Stage
Guideline No. 002 Industrialised Building System (IBS) Works and It's Impact on Scale of Fees
Guideline No. 003 The Role and Responsibility of Professional Engineers in Earthworks and Buildings Designed by Different Submitting Person
Guideline No. 004 General Guidelines for Professional Civil Engineers Undertaking Engineering Survey Works
Guideline No. 005 Guiding Principles on Teaching-Learning and Assessment Implementation During COVID-19 Pandemic
Guideline No. 006 General Guidelines on Integrity Management System for Engineering Consultancy Practice
Guideline No. 007 *NEW* Guidelines on Ethical Usage of Digitalization technology for ECPs And Registered Person
BEM/RD/PPC/11 A Guide to Good Engineering Practice for M&E Engineers




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