Route to be Accredited Checker Route to be Accredited Checker


The explanatory notes herein are to assist Professional Engineers seeking registration as Accredited Checkers in geotechnical and/or structural engineering works. They are in furtherance of Section 10B of the Registration of Accredited Checker, Registration of Engineers Act 1967 (Revised 2015).


  • Any person applying for registration as an Accredited Checker shall:
    be a practising Professional Engineer registered under the Act in the civil, structural or geotechnical engineering discipline;
  • has at least 10 years' relevant practical experience in the design or construction of engineering works in geotechnical or structural;
  • has adequate hands-on experience in the following;


  1. Compulsory requirement:
    • Design of slopes greater then 25 degrees and total vertical height more then 10 meters, or
    • Design of retaining wall greater than 10m high (wall can be reinforced concrete, reinforced earth or gravity wall)
  2. Supplementary requirement:
    • Design of basements greater than 2 levels, or
    • Design of foundation (include both shallow and deep foundations) for buildings higher than 10 stories, or
    • Design of ground treatment and embankment greater than 5m deep.


  1. Compulsory requirement:

For the compulsory requirement reports, the candidate is required to submit Two (2) projects namely Project 1 and Project 2 as follows;

A) Project 1

a. Buildings exceeding 20 storeys which has been designed for wind load and and has key structural elements with span exceeding 10 meters; or  

b. Buildings that will result in complex interactions with existing buildings;

B) Project 2

The candidate shall also to submit a project for his involvement was as a checking engineer of either for a whole building OR for only key structural elements of a building. The project checked can either be a new project where the involvement was during design stage OR existing project which has structural integrity problems.


2. Supplementary requirement:

To submit three (3) more projects of any type to show the extent of his design experience. The project can be as simple as low rise building or as complicated as the building’s with space frame, transfer structure, long span trusses, deep beams, etc.

  • by virtue of his/her ability and standing in the profession, or specialised knowledge or practical experience in civil, structural or geotechnical engineering he/she is deserving of such registration, provided that
    • during the period 7 years immediately preceding the date of his/her application, has been engaged in geotechnical or structural design after registration as a Professional Engineer; and
    • for a continuous period of 1 year immediately preceding the date of his/her application, has had such practical experience in the relevant field gained in Malaysia; and
  • has attended and passed the interview conducted by the Accredited Checkers Committee.


Applications shall:

  • be made through MyBEM Online Registration System or manually by submitting Form B3;
  • be accompanied by a copy of CV on the qualifications and practical experience highlighting the specific areas and level of responsibilities involved in the project(s). Applicants for geotechnical should have adequate hands-on experience on hill site development projects covering the above three areas [refer Section 2 (iii)(a)]
  • be accompanied by 3 copies of actual design or review report done by the applicant. Applicants for geotechnical should have adequate hands-on experience on actual design or review report on hill site development covering the above three areas [refer Section 2 (iii)(a)]; and
  • be accompanied by a processing fee of RM50.00 and a registration fee of RM200.00 in money order/bank draft/cheque made payable to the Board of Engineers Malaysia.



  • A registration fee of RM200.00 and processing fee RM50.00 shall be paid at the time of application.
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