Registered Foreign Professional Engineer (RFPE) Registered Foreign Professional Engineer (RFPE)

An ACPE who wishes to provide professional engineering services in another participating ASEAN Country shall be eligible to apply to the Professional Regulatory Authority (PRA) of a host participating ASEAN country to be registered as a Registered Foreign Professional Engineer (RPFE). A RPFE will be permitted to work in collaboration with designated professional Engineers in the said host country, but subject to domestic law and regulations and where applicable, not making submissions to statutory authorities of the host country.

Privilege and obligation of a Registered Foreign Professional Engineer (RFPE)

A Registered Foreign Professional Engineer (RFPE) shall not be eligible to work in independent practice in the host country, unless specifically permitted by Professional Regulatory Authority (PRA) of a host participating ASEAN Country. As the PRA of a host participating ASEAN Country have statutory responsibility to register and/or license a practitioner so as to protect the health, safety, environment, and welfare of the community within its jurisdiction, it may require a RFPE seeking the right to independent practice to be subjected to some form of supplemental assessment which aims to determine the RFPE:

  • understand the general principles behind applicable codes of practice and laws in the country;
  • has demonstrated a capacity to apply such principles safely efficiently; and
  • is familier with other special requirements operating within the country.A RFPE shall provide engineering services only in the areas of competence as may be recognized and approved by the PRA of the host participating   ASEAN Country, and shall undertake assignments only in the specific discipline or disciplines in which he/she has been registered. He/she shall also   be bound by:
  • codes of professional conduct in accordance with the policy on ethics and conduct established and enforced by the country in which he is registered as an ACPE; and
  • prevailing laws and regulations of the host participating ASEAN Country in which he is permitted to works as a RFPE.


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