BEM ensure that the public safety and interest is protected and that registered persons and engineering consultancy practices providing engineering services uphold a strict code of professional ethics and conduct. Have a complaint about an engineering service? Lodge your complaint with BEM.


Find out the scale of fees to be charged by registered Professional Engineers for professional advice or services rendered.


Find out the List of Accredited Engineering Degree Programmes, List of Accredited Engineering Technologist Programmes and List of Accredited Engineering Diploma Programmes. Be eligible to register with BEM and work in engineering profession after graduation.


A digital magazine for Engineers, Engineering Technologist, Inspector of Works and public at large. Find out also other publications, speeches and media releases.


Find out the requirements and procedures to sit for Professional Assessment Examination (PAE) and Professional Competency Examination (PCE), the syllabus, application form and date of examination.


The objective of CPD for Professional Engineer is the maintenance of technical knowledge and skill (i.e. competency) to do a job. At the same time to require all engineers to stay abreast of new engineering development in their field and changes in codes and regulations.


Download registration and renewal forms, Moa, FAQ, Circulars, CCC Forms, EAC & ETAC Manual etc.


View our Photo Gallery and videos.

Individual (Updated every 1st Monday of the month)
:: Professional Engineer with Practising Certificate8809
:: Professional Engineer 7552
:: Accredited Checker Structural 13
:: Accredited Checker Geotechnical 17
:: Graduate Engineer 201148
:: Engineering Technologist 16026
:: Inspector of Works 6300
Consultancy Company (Updated every 1st Monday of the month)
:: Body Corporate 1263
:: Multidisciplinary 48
:: Partnership 194
:: Sole Proprietorship 1269
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