Explanatory Note Explanatory Note

The function of the Professional Practice Committee is to assist the Board in matters pertaining to “professional conduct” and “ethics” of Registered Persons and Engineering Consultancy Practices. It responsible to hear and determine disputes relating to professional conduct or ethics of registered Persons or to appoint a committee or arbitrator or arbitrators to hear and determine such disputes.

In essence, the Board’s general approach in dealing with matters of professional conduct and ethics is such that all complaints received by the Board are first given to the Professional Practice Committee to study and report to the Board. Where the Committee considers there is prima facie ground for investigation, the Committee will recommend to the Board for an Investigating Committee to be set-up which will report and recommend directly to the Board or a Disciplinary Committee for appropriate decision and action.


How do we protect the public?:

  • Ensure only registered person and Engineering Consultancy Practice provides engineering services
  • Investigate all complaints brought to it against registered person or engineering consultancy practice
  • Conduct disciplinary hearing for complaint with prima facie case
  • Take action against registered person pursuant to Section 15(1A) or against Engineering Consultancy Practice under Section  7A (5)
  • Issue Notification / Guidelines / Circular as benchmarks for quality of service in the engineering profession


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