Civil Civil

    1. Specidic requirements for Structure by UBBL
      1. Loading requirements; and
      2. Fire resistance requirements. 
    2. Structural Analysis
    3. Foundation and Substructure Design
      1. Pad and strip footings;
      2. Raft foundation;
      3. Pile cap - bending and truss analogy;
      4. Design of different types of piles;
      5. Design of earth retaining walls and basement walls; and
      6. Design of temporary earth retaining system for basement construction.
    4. Reinforced Concrete Design
      1. Beam design - flexure, shear, span/depth ratios, crack width, curtailments, laps etc;
      2. Slab design - flexure, shear, span/depth ratios, curtailments, laps, etc;
      3. Rectangular and circular column design - short and slender; and
      4. Design of walls - braced and unbraced.
    5. Prestressed Concrete
      1. Single and multi span slab and beam design for both ultimate limit state
        and serviceability state;
      2. Prestressed concrete bridge beams (I, M, T, U and box beams); and
      3. Prestressing strands - Creep, shrinkage, frictional losses, curvature, etc.
    6. Water Retaining Structure
      1. Slab and wall design subject to hydrostatic forces; and
      2. Crack width control calculation.
    7. Structural Steel Design
      1. Beam section design;
      2. Column section design;
      3. Steel truss and frame analysis and design;
      4. Connection design by welding and bolting;
      5. Protective coating; and
      6. Welding.
    8. Composite Steel Design
      1. Concrete slab and steel beam design.
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