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  1. A registered Graduate Engineer is required under Section 10(1)(b) of the Act to obtain practical experience in order to be entitled for registration as a Professional Engineer. The candidate shall carry out the practical experience in the following manner as prescribed in Regulation 22(1) of the Registration of Engineers Regulations 1990 (Revised 2015):
    The practical experience that a registered Graduate Engineer is required to obtain under Section 10(1)(b) of the Act so as to be entitled to apply for registration as a Professional Engineer shall be carried out to the satisfaction of the Board for a period of at least three years
    • in the planning, design, execution or management of such works as comprised   within the profession of engineering;
    • in engineering research; or
    • in the teaching in a course leading to a qualification in engineering research or in the teaching in a course leading to a qualification approved by the Board, and at least one Year of such practical experience shall be obtained in Malaysia under the supervision of a registered Profession Engineer of the same discipline or an approved allied discipline and shall be in fields of engineering practice other than in research or teaching.
  2. This period of training in a local environment is greatly emphasized by BEM as it is of paramount importance for the prospective Professional Engineers to be familiar with the local conditions and by - laws so that they can comply and practise effectively in Malaysia.
  3. Notwithstanding the above, Regulation 22(2) stipulates that if the Board is satisfied for sufficient cause or reason, the Board may in any particular case exempt either wholly or partly the requirements as to the practical experience required to be obtained in Malaysia or the requirement as to the supervision by a registered Professional Engineer in Malaysia; provided that the total practical experience to be obtained shall not be less than three years.
  4. Where there is no Professional Engineer or Professional Engineer with Practising Certificate (PE or PEPC) of the same or allied discipline as the applicant in the organisation in which the applicant is working, he may seek the approval from BEM to obtain a PE/PEPC from outside his/her organisation to supervise his training.
  5. After the applicant has completed the required prescribed training, he/she may apply to sit for the Professional Assessment Examination conducted by BEM.  
  6. All certificates of Training must be on the letterhead of the department/company addressed to the Registrar of the Board of Engineers Malaysia and the originals should be submitted to the Board. The certificate should state the period of practical training, post held and summary of the work the applicant have undergone.
  7. In the case of experience or training obtain outside Malaysia, the certificate of training must be certified by an engineer acceptable to the Board that the applicant has satisfactorily completed his practical experience.
  8. The certificate of the training must be certified by the PE/PEPC under whom applicant has obtained his/her training.
  9. For those involved in teaching profession, he/she must undergo at least one year of industrial training under the supervision of a PE/PEPC in the same branch or engineering as that practised by the Graduate Engineer.
  10. The name of the PE/PEPC signing the certificate of training must be clearly stated together with his/her PE/PEPC registration number and the branch of engineering he/she is qualified has to be indicated beside his/her name.
  11. The PE/PEPC certifying the applicant's prescribed training must be of the same discipline as that of the applicant.
  12. If the applicant have worked in more than one department/company in the 3 years, he/she needs to submit two or more certificates. All the certificates of training submitted must be certified by the respective PE/PEPC under whom applicant have undergone your training.



A Certificate of Registration issued to a Professional Engineer shall expire on the 31 December of the year from the date the certificate of registration is issued.

The certificate may be renewed annually upon payment of RM200.00 (Age below 60 years) and RM100.00 (Age 60 years and above) and upon satisfying such conditions as may be determined by the Board.

The Board may refuse to renew the registration of a Professional Engineer if he/she has failed to satisfy any conditions as determined by the Board.



Applicant must declare that he/she:

  1. Is a Board of Engineers Malaysia registered Graduate Engineer;
  2. Has undergone the prescribed practical experience;
  3. Has passed the Professional Assessment examination (PAE) conducted by BEM
  4. A Corporate Member of the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (MIEM) or
  5. A Professional Engineer of other regulatory body;
  6. Agree to abide the Registration of Engineers Act 1967 (Revised 2015) and The Registration of Engineers Regulations 1990 (Revised 2015) and all Notifications and Circulars issued by the BEM;
  7. Authorise BEM to seek clarification on any information submitted in any manner and by any means as it deems fit and proper;



Section 24(a) of the Registration of Engineers Act 1967 (Revised 2015): "Any person, sole proprietorship, partnership or body corporate who procures or attempts to procure registration or a certificate of registration under this Act by knowingly making or producing or causing to be made or produced any false or fraudulent declaration, certificate, application or representation whether in writing or otherwise, shall be guilty of an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding fifty thousand ringgit, or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years, or to both".


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