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Press Statement

at the


(IEAM) London, 2018


DATE   :           27th June 2018 (Wednesday)

TIME    :           12.00 PM GMT

VENUE :           Millennium Gloucester Hotel, Kensington





  1. The Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) is pleased to announce that Malaysia, represented by BEM, has just been accepted as a Full Signatory for two international mutual recognition agreements for education programmes in the Engineering TVET sector, i.e.:
    • The Sydney Accord for engineering technology education, generally in the form of Bachelor in Engineering Technology; and
    • The Dublin Accord for engineering technician education, generally in the form of Diploma in Engineering or Diploma in Engineering Technology.
  2. This development means that the graduates of programmes accredited by BEM, through its Engineering Technology Accreditation Council (ETAC), are now recognised by other signatory nations of the two Accords. 
  3. By being signatories to the above Accords, these programmes are now viewed by the international engineering profession as having met the high standards necessary for graduates to enter the profession at the global level. It also implies that our graduates will be internationally recognised and hence help to attract foreign companies to set up their businesses in Malaysia.
  4. Graduates of such BEM-accredited programmes can now look forward to having in their possession a very marketable qualification for them to commence their professional career. This will be consistent with the Government’s aspiration to develop competent and quality human capital that is necessary to propel the nation towards a high income economy.
  5. For Institutions of Higher Learnings in Malaysia, this development means that they are now able to attract more students for such programmes, especially from foreign countries.  This is consistent with the nation’s aspiration to become an international hub for education.
  6. Malaysia’s admission to these two Accords represents another significant milestone for the nation in achieving an international benchmark for quality engineering education.  Malaysia was earlier admitted into the Washington Accord, the mutual agreement for engineering education programmes, in 2009, and has been maintaining the high standards required for continuing the signatory status.  Signatory status to these Accords can only be accorded after rigorous reviews by international peers, which normally require massive and intensive efforts by the relevant stakeholders in the engineering education community nationwide.


  1. The International Engineering Alliance (IEA) is made up of three Accords and four Agreements that governs mutual recognition and mobility of professionals among the international engineering fraternity.  They are the:
    1. Washington Accord,
    2. Sydney Accord,
    3. Dublin Accord,

which constitute the education agreements, and:

  1. The APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Community) Engineers Agreement,
  2. International Professional Engineers Agreements (IPEA),
  3. International Engineering Technologist Agreement (IETA), and
  4. The Agreement for International Engineering Technicians (AIET),

which will assist international mobility of key engineering professionals.

  1. The IEA champions cross-border collaboration and mobility within the engineering profession by means of clarity in the relevant standards and competencies, which to date involve 37 countries as signatories to the 7 agreements under the IEA.
  2. With this important development, Malaysia is now an active signatory in five of them, namely the three educational Accords, the IPEA and the APEC Engineers Agreement.  It is Malaysia’s aspiration to be a party to the remaining two IEA agreements, for which formal applications have been submitted.
  3. I would like to thank the volunteers and staff of BEM for devoting their time and expertise to relentlessly improve educational standards and professional competence of the Malaysian engineering profession in the global context, which has culminated in another milestone for the nation today.
  4. The Malaysian delegation to the IEA Meeting was led by Dato Sri Ir Dr Roslan Taha, the President of Board of Engineers Malaysia, who is also the Director General of the Public Works Department.


Dato’ Sri Ir Dr Md Roslan Taha


Board of Engineers Malaysia.


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