The APEC Human Resource Development Working Group for mutual recognition of professionals developed the initiative for the APEC Engineer Registered over the period 1997- 1999.

The Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM)*, The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) and Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia (ACEM) have participated in the development of the Register at the request of the Economic Planning Unit of the Prime Ministerís Department, Malaysia. The Board of Engineers, Malaysia has formed a committee to develop and monitor the registration of APEC Engineer in Malaysia.

       *  a regulatory body established under the Registration of Engineers Act Malaysia 1967.




   The Committee comprises:-

   i)  2 BEMís representatives
ii)  2 IEMís representatives
   iii) 2 ACEMís representatives and;
   iv)  identified Professional Engineers

   The first Committee members are as follows:-

i.    Tan Sri Dato' Ir. Mohd Radzi Mansor
ii.    Datuk Ir. Md Sidek Ahmad
iii.   Datuk Ir. Dr. JM Rajaratnam
iv.   Dato' Ir. Dr. Hj. Abdul Rashid Maidin
v.    Dato' Ir. Ashok Kumar Sharma
vi.   Ir. Dr. Gue See Sew
vii.  Ir. Hj. Mohd Mazlan bin Mohd lsmail Merican
viii.  Ir. Prof. Ow Chee Sheng
ix.   Ir. P E Chong
x.    Ir. Wong Shu Leong

   Representative to the Expert Advisory Group: 

   Ir. Dr. Gue See Sew
   (He is also the International Chairman of the APEC Engineers Co-ordinating Committee)

   Contact : 
   Tel : 603-90595396
   Fax: 603-90595869
   Email: ssgue@pc.jaring.my

   Secretary of BEM : 
   Ir. Dr. Judin bin Abdul Karim

   Telephone : 603-26982413
   Facsimile : 603-26925017
   Email : bem@tm.net.my




Eligibility for admission to APEC Engineer Register is limited only to engineers who have completed an accredited or recognised engineering programme and is registered with IEM who has been approved for independent practice. The Route to Professional Engineers, Accredited Qualification for Registration As Graduate Engineers and Engineering Qualification Assessment Procedures are described in the Board of Engineers, Malaysiaís Guidebook (Appendix I).


Specific Assessment Requirements For An APEC Engineer

Specific assessment mechanisms for various engineering disciplines on the Register are described in the Guidebook : The Route to An APEC Engineer.

All applicants for registration shall satisfy the following criteria:-

  1. A Professional Engineer registered with the Board of Engineers Malaysia and a corporate member with IEM.  

  2. Seven years experience after graduation in a recognised engineering discipline

  3. Two years experience in responsible charge of significant work (may be obtained within the seven years experience)

  4. Maintained their continuing professional development at a satisfactory level.


Audit of APEC Engineers

Any person on the APEC Engineers Register may be subjected to random audit of their current curriculum vitae and records of continuing professional development over the immediate past three years period by an assessor or assessors appointed by the Board.




The engineering disciplines recognised for the purpose of the APEC Engineer Register are:-

  • Civil

  • Structural

  • Mechanical

  • Electrical

  • Electronic

  • Mining

  • Chemical

     Note: The list may be expanded.




ACT A1158 Malaysia Registration of Engineers Act 1967 (Revised 2002)
LJM00016/95 Booklet on Functions and Role of the Board of Engineers, Malaysia
LJM 00017/95 Booklet on Requirements and Procedures for Registration as Graduate Engineers 
LJM 00018/95 Booklet on Accredited Qualifications for Registration as Graduate Engineers
LJM 00019/95 Booklet on Engineering Qualification Assessment Procedures
LJM00020/95 Booklet on Route to Professional Engineer -Guidelines 
LJM 00021/95 Booklet on Requirements and Procedures for Registration as Bodies Corporate
LJM00022/95 Booklet on Requirements and Procedures for Registration as Temporary Registration as Temporary Registered Professional Engineer





   i)  Accredited Qualifications for Registration as Graduate Engineers

   ii)  BEMís Engineering Programme Accreditation Manual

   iii) Route to Professional Engineer - Guidelines 

   iv) Route to APEC Engineer

Queries may be forwarded to Institution of Engineers Malaysia at sec@iem.po.my

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